ETP TEK-Torg provides a wide range of services for participation in procurement and conducting trade and procurement activities. We help our clients quickly and efficiently solve procurement tasks within the framework of 223-FZ, 44-FZ and commercial procurement.

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Get or verify your DS to participate in procurement.

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Express access to procedures Participate in procurement within 2 hours. 9 000 ₽ To order Express prequalification

Pass prequalification within 2 hours

9 000 ₽ To order
Assistance in registering in URPP

Register in URPP system with the help of our specialists

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Express verification of accreditation documents Get accreditation within 2 hours. 9 000 ₽ To order Opening of a special account

Open a special account to participate in procurement under 44-FZ and procurement among SME entities.

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Electronic document management (EDM)

EDM TEK-Torg is a system that allows the exchange of legally relevant documents without duplication on paper

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Current training programs in procurement in various formats: online consultations, courses, seminars and conferences.

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Bank guarantee

An effective way to ensure at all stages of participation in the procurement.

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Development and examination of the Procurement regulation

Update your Procurement Regulation to reflect changes in legislation.

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Verification of compliance with the qualification requirements

Pass the check for compliance with the requirements of the Organizer to participate in the procurement.

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Accounting documents

Ordering accounting documents through the Electronic document management system TEK-Torg

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Quick start Participation in procurement within 2 hours from the moment of application 17 700 ₽ To order