Sale of property

Section "Sale of property" is intended to reduce the stock balance of equipment and materials of manufacturing companies, which are not involved into production, and to sale immovable and movable assets, including stocks. Sales of assets occur throughout the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

It is possible to mark the next objects for sale:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal;
  • cable production;
  • residential and non-residential property;
  • automotive and special vehicles,

and much more.

To participate in procurement procedures, it is necessary to fulfill the 4 steps:

Obtain a digital signature
Digital signature is necessary for execution of legally significant actions on the ETP. Digital signature is not a necessary condition for certain procedures.
Create an account on the ETP and registration a legal entity using only two documents.


Choice a tariff
To apply for participation in the procedure you need to select and pay for one of the tariff plans.
Participation in tenders
To select the procedure you are interested in, you need to enter procedure number or name in the search bar.

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