RusGazBurenie LLC

RusGazBurenie LLC is a high-tech and innovative company that provides services to the largest oil and gas producing and service companies in operational and exploration well construction, maintenance and overhaul, creation of ground infrastructure, preparation and transportation of raw and marketable hydrocarbons. The staff of the company's specialists consists of young motivated people with extensive experience in providing services in the oil and gas industry, when carrying out work on land and at sea, working in foreign service companies, including abroad.

The company carries out turnkey contracting for the construction of oil and gas wells, services for integrated management of drilling and well completion, supervising. The range of services performed also includes workover work, provision of services: directional drilling; bit support, drilling fluids and disposal, lease of downhole equipment and completion equipment, completing with drilling equipment, etc. In her work she focuses on the use of modern high-tech drilling methods, new production management technologies while maximizing the economic interests of the Customer.

Today the company has an advanced and efficient work management system based on the "technical limit" in well drilling, which is aimed at achieving high performance and results.

The structure of LLC RusGazBurenie includes LLC Well Cementing Center and LLC UTTIST-Burservice.

Own production resources of the company: 16 drilling rigs + 1 hydraulic fracturing fleet.


We purchase:

Basic services

  • technological support for the development of drill bits and PDM
  • telemetry and engineering and technological support of directional and horizontal drilling
  • service support of well cementing
  • preparation and engineering support of drilling fluids
  • collection, transportation, disposal, disposal of drilling waste
  • well casing with liners with the provision of equipment

Equipment and materials

  • chisels and shock absorbers
  • casing
  • tubing
  • fountain fittings
  • other pipes
  • technological equipment
  • shut-off valves
  • automation
  • metal products
  • tool
  • pumping and compressor equipment
  • general household materials
  • spare parts and accessories for drilling rigs
  • workwear
  • means of protection
  • office equipment

Chemical products, fuels and lubricants, materials

  • acids
  • oils
  • motor fuel
  • cements

Works, services (additional services)

  • equipment maintenance and repair
  • consulting, training
  • cleaning
  • cargo transportation
  • loading and unloading
  • storage services
  • passenger transportation

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