Tariff of JSC "TEK-Torg" on the section "Procurement Procedures of PJSC OC Rosneft"

Participation in unlimited number of procurement procedures.

Connect tariff
1 year
95 000 ₽ No fee from a winner of the procurement procedure.
One procedure

Participation in one procurement procedure.

Connect tariff
1 year
11 800 ₽ No fee from a winner of the procurement procedure. Activate "Quick access to procurements" service
Quick start

Participation in procurements in less than 2 hours.

Connect tariff
1 year
21 600 ₽ Includes quick accreditation and participation in one procedure.
Procedure only for SME

Procedure only for small and medium enterprises in accordance with the Art. 3.4 of FZ No. 223

Attention! According to present tariff plan, the funds will be debited from a special account.


1% of initial maximum price of the contract, but not more than 4 500 rubles (not including VAT) Fee from a participant, with whom a contract is concluded based on the procurement results (including participants, who evade the conclusion of a contract) (8)

1. All terms and definitions of the Tariff plan are using according to the present Operating regulations of the Electronic Trading Platform JSC "TEK-Torg" in Section of Procurement procedures of PJSC "Rosneft Oil Company", unless otherwise defined in the Tariff plan.

2. Date of access to the Procurement procedures on the ETP is the date of tariff plan activation, excepting "Quick start" tariff plans, according to which the date of access to procurement procedures is the date of accreditation on the ETP.

3. Termination date of Access to the Procurement procedures on the ETP:
‐ For Partner tariff plans is the respective day of the last month of access to the procurement procedures on the ETP;
‐ For One procedure tariff plans:
The earliest date: the corresponding day of the last month of access to the ETP procurement procedures or the date of submission of an application for participation in the procurement procedure.
Participant has access to participation in the procurement procedure before the date of publication of the summarizing protocol by the Organizer, under the stipulation that the application was submitted before the end date of access to the procurement procedure on the ETP.

4. "Quick Start" tariff include:
‐ Processing of accreditation application within 2 hours;
‐ Access to the Procurement Procedure on the ETP with the possibility of crediting the money to the personal account within 5 days from the start date of access to the Procurement Procedures to pay for the Operator’s services.

5. Tariffs activated before the date of entry into force of new tariff plans are valid on the conditions specified in the Regulations and the Tariff plan in force on the date of activation of the tariff.

6. From October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020, no fee will be charged from the Participant of the Purchasing Procedures with the the initial maximum price of 100,000 rubles or less (including VAT) published during the specified period.

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