Qualification in сompanies of PJSC Rosneft Oil Company

Qualification in сompanies of PJSC Rosneft Oil Company is a procedure of verification the Participants for conformity to the special requirements, which confirm participants ability of in-time delivery of quality production of the certain type, including the requirements on special experience, possibilities, resource base, necessary approval documents and other requirements.

Qualification by product type

Companies of the PJSC Rosneft Oil Company Group

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Organization name TIN KPP Criteria
ООО "Башнефть-Полюс" 2983998001 293150001 Criteria
ООО "Красноленинский НПЗ" 8610011223 861001001 Criteria
ООО "НЕФТЕПРОМЛИЗИНГ" 7725594308 504701001 Criteria
ПАО "НК "РОСНЕФТЬ" 7706107510 770601001 Criteria
ООО "РН-БИТУМ" 4014003383 772501001 Criteria
АО "РН-Москва" 7706091500 997350001 Criteria
ООО "РН-ПУРНЕФТЕГАЗ" 8913006455 891301001 Criteria
АО "РОСПАН ИНТЕРНЕШНЛ" 7727004530 890401001 Criteria
ООО "ХАРАМПУРНЕФТЕГАЗ" 7536125117 891101001 Criteria

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