FSUE "Rosmorport"

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosmorport" is a leading enterprise in the maritime transport industry, the main task of which is to ensure the safety of navigation in the waters of seaports and on the approaches to them. This includes pilotage and the organization of work of centers of ship traffic control systems. The pride of Rosmorport is the icebreaker fleet - the largest in the world, it provides year-round navigation in 15 freezing seaports of the Russian Federation. Not a single large infrastructure offshore project can do without the participation of the Enterprise. The structure of the enterprise includes 14 branches operating in 65 out of 67 seaports of the country.

Mission of the enterprise

  • To contribute to the development of Russia's maritime transport infrastructure and to increase the competitiveness of Russian seaports through the efficient operation, maintenance, and development of the federal property in seaports assigned to the enterprise.
  • To take an active part in the implementation of state programs in the field of the development of maritime transport of the Russian Federation.
  • To provide services to ensure the safety of navigation in the waters of seaports and on the approaches to them.

Work description

In order to take part in the procurement procedures, you need to go through 5 steps:

Accreditation of Manufacturers and Suppliers by 1 document (Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities). You can enter the ETP through the State Services and the Moscow Supplier Portal without additional registration.
Adding items to the price list
Selecting an item from a unified directory of normalized items or adding items for normalization so that customers can purchase from you directly, without publishing a procurement, through a direct order.
Searching for procurements
Consideration of current price requests, search for a suitable item.
Submission of the price offer
Participation in a procurement. Indication of the price offer and terms of delivery. Adding items to your price list, if these items were not saved earlier.
Direct Order Approval
In case you have been chosen as the winner, the Customer will send you a direct order, which must be approved. If the contract with the Customer is concluded in electronic form, then before approving the order, it is necessary to sign the contract in the Market section.

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