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Reduction of procurement price
Procurement competition
Percentage of participation applications from SMEs
Reduction of labor content
Procurement speed in Online Market
Average procurement competition (applications for 1 lot)
  • Installation of electrotechnical mountings 11
  • Quality control services of equipment and devices using diagnostic systems 10
  • Technical inventory auditing and technical accounting services for capital construction projects 9
  • Engineering services in civil and industrial construction 9
  • Cargo handling and storage services 8
  • Standardization services 7
  • Services connected with the environmental protection activities 6
  • Advisory services regarding management of commercial activities 6
  • Prospecting works on the stage of planning documentation 6
  • Advisory services in scientific and technical areas related to the construction 6
  • Construction of gas compressor station, including repair and reconstruction 6
  • Services on examination of construction site 5
  • Construction of shift camp, including repair ad reconstruction 5
  • Auditing of the industrial safety and labor protection 5
  • Construction of the diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit, including repair and reconstruction 5
  • Services of specialized organizations on providing the collection and immediate transmission of weather data and environment status 5
  • Casing pipes 15
  • Devices for pressure gauges 15
  • Lock and release devices, latches 15
  • Pipes for drilling 15
  • Gates, valves, throttle valves 13
  • Plastics based on polymer resins 13
  • Substations and distribution devices 13
  • Cables, wires and connection cords 12
  • Synthetic rubbers 12
  • Complex Gas Treatment Unit structures 10
  • Laboratory equipment and utensil 9
  • Heat exchangers 9
  • Steel piping parts 9
  • Industrial pipe fittings 9
  • Rotating bearings 9
  • Boiler equipment 9
  • Vessels and bulk-capacity tanks 9
  • Auxiliary power equipment 9
  • Cable products, non-insulated wires 9
  • Metal buildings and block boxes 9
  • Cryogenic, air separation equipment 9
  • Pressure measuring/regulating instruments 8
  • Oilfield, chemical, drilling equipment 8
  • Textile products 8
  • Individual protection means 7
  • Metal building structures 7
  • Working clothes 7

All types of procedures are carried out at ETP TEK-Torg

Reverse auction

Bidding procedure during which participants openly submit price offers. The winner is the participant with the lowest price offer.


Bidding procedure. The winner is determined by the best conditions proposed for the execution of the contract.

Request for proposals

Not a bidding procedure. The winner is determined by the best conditions proposed for the execution of the contract.

Request for prices (quotation)

Not a bidding procedure. The winner is determined by the lowest price offer for execution of the contract.

Competitive negotiations

Competitive method of procurement (not a bidding procedure), where Organizer signs contract with the participant, who proposed the best conditions, after negotiations with several participants.

Retrading (including online form)

Procedure which is held during procurement and aimed for voluntary price reduction or improvements of other conditions noted in the procurement documentation to increase the attraction of the Participant’s applications for the Customer.

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