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Special services for procurement participants of Inter RAO Group companies

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Beginning of creating an eco-friendly environment

Beginning of creating an eco-friendly environment at the ETP "TEK-Torg" has begun in 2019. By that time, we had already launched a wide range of services. But we decided to go beyond the standard functionality of the electronic trading platform and offer new forms of interaction.

The economic environment is the implementation on a unified online platform of solving the needs of all parties of the procurement process and its related fields, creating a unified field for interaction. And ETP, as a multifunctional system, is the most obvious online platform for receiving services and support for all the participants in the procurement process.

The introduction of new services, the development and automation of existing ones, the involvement of major customers in the process gives us the opportunity to develop a complex approach to procurements, to find new solutions to form an effective comprehensive interaction.

The first round of development of the economic environment "TEK-Torg" became possible thanks to our partnership with the LLC Inter RAO - Procurement Management Center.
The first pool of services that had no analogues on the market was formed through the efforts of the Inter RAO - Procurement Management Center.

Company valuation services, participation in corporate supplier support programs are designed to simplify suppliers' access to procurements, to expand the circle of participants, and also to allow the use of the latest developments and technical solutions in the production activities of Inter RAO Group companies.

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