Market (corporate online market) is the unified corporate system for management of processes of small and emergency procurements of goods and services.
Difference from the present procurement procedures
  1. Digital signature is not required.
  2. Free publication and participation in procurements.
  3. Focus on procurements up to 500,000 rubles.
  4. Procurement activities are not regulated by 223-FZ.
Market functionality allows to:
Normalize the present nomenclature to the unified standard.
Perform advanced search of contractors for attributes of supplied goods.
Hold emergency requests for proposals among suppliers to obtain the best conditions.
One click procurements on price lists of suppliers.

For Organizers

Организация 1

Reduction of terms in 10 times to hold procurements up to 500 000 rubles and reduction of labor intensity regarding procurement process

Организация 2

Additional reduction of procurement prices on 7-8% regarding goods purchased on Market, compared with the request for prices/proposals

Организация 3

Centralized monitoring< and benchmarking of prices under distributed procurement process across subdivisions

For Suppliers


Direct access to orders of the largest companies allows to provide equal opportunities under competition

Бизнес 2

Reduction of costs for promotion and terms from reception of order to delivery

Бизнес 3

Prompt notifications about new orders

Sceneries of system use
Place your price list in 1 click
Online market is a convenient platform where the supplier can demonstrate the goods (works / services) for potential customers, simply by creating their own electronic price list.
Methods of forming a price list
independently from the positions of the internal catalogue of the Section
By the forces ETP "TEK-Torg" employees: place a request for processing the positions and they will appear in the price list Find out the cost
Position processing service allows:
  • reduce the Supplier’s labor costs for creating a pricelist - it is enough for the user to create an application for adding positions in the personal account and send it for processing;
  • be the first to add new items to the pricelist that are not yet in the directory.

Implementation of corporate online market will allow to significantly simplify the search for suppliers and reduce the time frames of small and emergency procurements.

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