Support and development program for suppliers of the Inter RAO Group companies

Take part in support and development events and, based on the results of a qualification assessment and an individual development chart, you will receive the support of the Inter RAO Group in events to receive information, marketing, financial, property and other support.

Participation in the support and development program

  • View program and participation requirements
  • Fill out an application on the service page and wait for the decision from the Inter RAO
  • Pass an audit
  • Get an individual development chart
  • Implement the activities of an individual development chart
  • Purpose of program:

    Support and development of SMEs, whose activities and (or) ongoing projects are carried out in promising projects in the electric power industry related to the production activities of the Inter RAO Group companies, including in the field of digitalization, automation and production robotics.

  • Objectives of program:

    Organization of the effective interaction of SMEs with the infrastructure of support and development of SMEs and the Inter RAO Group companies in the implementation of:

    - substitution of the purchase of foreign products with the purchase of products of domestic manufacturers;

    - an increase in the number of products used in production and technological processes, with higher quality characteristics, high-tech and innovative products.

  • Participants of program:

    A SME entity entitled to at least one of the following criteria has the right to take part in the Program:

    - the activities of the subject of SMEs and (or) the project implemented by it is aimed at import substitution;

    - the activities of the SME entity and (or) the projects it implements are carried out using Innovation and R&D;

    - the volume of demand for the products of the SME entity for the Inter RAO Group of Companies in the long / short / approved pilot strategy is of interest or the volume of demand for products for the Inter RAO company / Inter RAO Group companies is of interest due to the implementation of a large project.

Scheme of interaction within the framework of the Support and Development Program for Suppliers of the Inter RAO Group Companies


Supplier of import-substituting products (including export-oriented) and / or innovative products, and / or high-tech products, and / or products with higher quality characteristics that can be used at the Group’s facilities

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Supplier Audit
Individual Support and Development chart
Access to purchases of companies of the Inter RAO Group

About the Support and Development Program for Suppliers of the Inter RAO Group Companies

The subjects of the Russian Federation participating in the implementation of the Program

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