Accreditation of the suppliers

Simplify your participation in procurement of the Inter RAO Group companies

The accreditation procedure for suppliers of goods, works, services has been developed in order to optimize and improve the efficiency of procurement management mechanisms for timely and full support for the production activities of the Inter RAO Group under the existing centralized supply system, and the protection against unscrupulous suppliers.

Accreditation is based on the following basic principles:

  • Voluntary basis

    Accreditation is carried out in relation to the entities that voluntarily expressed a desire to receive an assessment of their competence in the field of accredited activities, who submitted a written application in the prescribed manner and voluntarily wished to follow the accreditation procedure established by the Company.

  • Accessibility

    General accessibility is achieved by informing the Applicant about the rules and conditions of accreditation.

Necessary steps to pass the accreditation:

  • Registration on the ETP (creating an account on the electronic trade platform and registration of a legal entity by two documents)
  • Replenishment of the account (to apply for accreditation, it is necessary to replenish a personal account for the amount specified in the accreditation procedure)
  • Analysis of the open accreditation procedures
  • An application filing
  • Waiting for the decision of the Customer on your package of documents

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