Gazprom Burenie

Gazprom Burenie LLC is one of the biggest drilling enterprises in Russia, that manages integrated projects on well construction onshore and offshore Russia-wide: in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East, the North Caucasus, Orenburg and Astrakhan regions, the Komi Republic, the Yamal peninsula.

The section is created to effectively support the operations of LLC “Gazprom Burenie”, its subsidiaries and subdivisions by broadening the access to the procurements for potential suppliers. Today, 100% of competitive procurements are published in this section. In accordance with the nomenclature, the Section presents the entire list of goods and services requirements, among which you will find an order regarding your business activity.

To participate in the procurement procedures, it is necessary to follow 2 steps:

Create an account on the ETP and register a legal entity using only two documents.
Participation in procurement
To select the procedure you are interested in, you need to input the procedure number or name in the search bar.

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