Digital signature

To work on the ETP TEK-Torg in accordance with 44-FZ and 223-FZ it is necessary to obtain a qualified digital signature certificate.
For non-residents of the Russian Federation it is possible to obtain remotely a non-qualified digital signature certificate to participate in tender sales and commercial procurements – – more details in the Instruction.

A digital document signed by the qualified DS has the same legal force as a paper document signed by hand.

To obtain a digital signature, contact the partners of the ETP TEK-Torg:

Leave a request for a digital signature online:

LLC "Internet Technologies and Communications"

It is possible to work on the ETP without the DS in the sections of "223-FZ and Commercial procurements" and "Property sales", but only with the procedures, where an Organizer set a feature, which allows to submit an application without the DS.

In the sections of "Gazprom Burenie" and "Market" it is possible to work with all procurement procedures without the DS.