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General information

Procurement name: Закупка автотест 94dfe2d7-5b13-41e7-ae16-690be2894816
Procurement method: Запрос котировок в электронной форме
Revision number notice: 1
Procurement object: Закупка автотест 94dfe2d7-5b13-41e7-ae16-690be2894816
Procurement number: 0160700001021000016
Identification procurement code: 214466444851944448351900011831012121
Current stage: Приостановлена по техническим причинам.

Organizer information

Organizer name: Тестовая организация Авто-10
Organization type: Уполномоченный орган / Уполномоченное учреждение
TIN: 4664448519
KPP: 444483519
Location: 119270 г. Москва ПР МУРМАНСКИЙ 14,
Postal address: Российская Федерация, 119270, Москва, Кугарчинский р-н, ПР МУРМАНСКИЙ, 14
Email address:
Contact phone number: 87866567
Responsible official: test-last test-first test-middle
Specialized organization: -

Information on procurement procedure

Date and time of beginning submission applications: 13.09.2021 20:40 GMT+3
Date and time of ending submission applications: 21.09.2021 20:34 GMT+3

Information about procurement subject

Initial (maximum) contract price: 10 000.00 Российский рубль
Conditions, prohibitions and restrictions on admission of goods originating from a foreign state or a group of foreign states, work, services, respectively, performed, provided by foreign persons: Не установлены
Possibility to change quantity of goods, volume of work or services: No
Name of work, good, service Price per unit OKPD2/KTRU code Quantity Unit of measure Cost
Мясо сельскохозяйственной птицы охлажденное для детского питания Additional delivery options 10000.00 1 ЕД 10000
Total: 10000

Restrictions, advantages, requirements for participants and documents to provide

Advantages: No established
Requirements for participants: No established
Restrictions on participation in determination of suppliers (contractor, executor) established in accordance with Federal Law No. 44-FZ (according to paragraph 4 of Article 42 of Federal Law No. 44-FZ): No established
Customer requirement Тестовая организация Авто-10
Relationship Information with schedule position: 202101607000010001000001
Procurement object description: No established
Schedule registry number: 202101607000010001
Position number in schedule: 202101607000010001000001
Identification procurement code: 214466444851944448351900011831012121
Financing source: Not specified
Procurement financial support:
Total: 2021 year 2022 year 2023 year Amount for subsequent years
10000.00 10000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Financial support for procurement at expense of budget funds (Russian ruble)
KBK Total: 2021 year 2022 year 2023 year Amount for subsequent years
20403080910190049121 10000.00 10000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Information about the possibility of unilateral refusal to perform the contract in accordance with the provisions of hch. 8-23, 25 Art. 95 of Law No. 44-FZ: test one side rejection
Accounting number of accepted budget obligation: 2888337164942755236
Date of registration of accepted budgetary obligation: 17.12.2020
Delivery place of goods, performance of work and provision of service: Российская Федерация, Белгородская обл, Новооскольский р-н, Гнилица х, test delivery place
Timing of delivery of goods or completion of work or schedule for provision of services: test delivery term
Application security is required: Not required
Сontract performance security is required: Not required
Guarantee obligations security is required: Not required
Bank and/or treasury support of the contract is required: Not required

Procedure documentation Download procurement documentation

13.09.2021 20:41 GMT+3
13.09.2021 20:41 GMT+3
Regulations supervisory authority
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Additional documents
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Documents on procedure cancellation
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