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General information

Procurement name: Закупка автотест d8490175-cfb4-4b0d-8874-dcb0e2512187
Procurement method: Открытый конкурс
Revision number notice: 1
Procurement object: Закупка автотест d8490175-cfb4-4b0d-8874-dcb0e2512187
Procurement number: 0160700001021000011
Identification procurement code: 214466444851944448351937186341012221
Current stage: Приостановлена по техническим причинам.

Organizer information

Organizer name: Тестовая организация Авто-10
Organization type: Уполномоченный орган / Уполномоченное учреждение
TIN: 4664448519
KPP: 444483519
Location: 119270 г. Москва ПР МУРМАНСКИЙ 14,
Postal address: Российская Федерация, 119270, Москва, Кугарчинский р-н, ПР МУРМАНСКИЙ, 14
Email address:
Contact phone number: 87866567
Responsible official: test-last test-first test-middle
Specialized organization: -

Information on procurement procedure

Date and time of beginning submission applications: 13.09.2021 16:59 GMT+3
Date and time of ending submission applications: 15.10.2021 16:57 GMT+3
Date of ending review term of first parts of participants applications: 18.10.2021 23:59 GMT+3
Submission date of final offers: 20.10.2021 09:30 GMT+3
Date of ending review term of second parts of participant applications: 21.10.2021 23:59 GMT+3
Submission applications place: ЭТП ТЭК-Торг
Submission applications order: test

Information about procurement subject

Initial (maximum) contract price: 10 000.00 Российский рубль
Financing source: За счёт средств бюджета Союзного государства
Conditions, prohibitions and restrictions on admission of goods originating from a foreign state or a group of foreign states, work, services, respectively, performed, provided by foreign persons: Не установлены
Name of work, good, service Price per unit OKPD2/KTRU code Quantity Unit of measure Cost
Мясо сельскохозяйственной птицы охлажденное для детского питания Additional delivery options 10000.00 1 ЕД 10000
Total: 10000

Restrictions, advantages, requirements for participants and documents to provide

Advantages: No established
Requirements for participants: No established
Restrictions on participation in determination of suppliers (contractor, executor) established in accordance with Federal Law No. 44-FZ (according to paragraph 4 of Article 42 of Federal Law No. 44-FZ): No established
Customer requirement Тестовая организация Авто-10
Relationship Information with schedule position: Not specified
Procurement object description: ЭОК
Schedule registry number: Not specified
Position number in schedule: Not specified
Identification procurement code: 214466444851944448351937186341012221
Financing source: Not specified
Procurement financial support:
Total: 2021 year 2022 year 2023 year Amount for subsequent years
10000.00 10000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Financial support for procurement at expense of budget funds (Russian ruble)
KBK Total: 2021 year 2022 year 2023 year Amount for subsequent years
20403080910190049121 10000.00 10000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Delivery place of goods, performance of work and provision of service: Российская Федерация, Белгородская обл, Новооскольский р-н, Гнилица х, test
Timing of delivery of goods or completion of work or schedule for provision of services: test
Application security is required: Not required
Сontract performance security is required: Not required
Guarantee obligations security is required: Not required
Bank and/or treasury support of the contract is required: Not required
Mandatory public discussion in accordance with Art. 20 of Federal Law 44-FZ: Not required

Requirements for information and documents to be provided by participants

Документация Документ, обязательный к предоставлению

Procedure documentation Download procurement documentation

Is the subject of contract supply of goods necessary for normal life support in cases specified in Part 9 of Art. 37: No
Possibility to change quantity of goods, volume of work or services: Yes
Possibility of unilateral refusal to contract execution in accordance with Part 9. Art. 95: No
Regulations supervisory authority
Not available
Additional documents
Not available
Documents on procedure cancellation
Not available

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